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4D スクリーンミラーパック(カメラのみ)

Take your entertainment beyond the screen. Nanoleaf 4D is a screen mirror camera kit that syncs the colors on your screen onto your Nanoleaf RGB lighing devices.

Experience the ultra-immersive "4D" effect as the lights illuminate your space with the colors from your favorite shows, movies, and video games.

This kit contains ONLY the Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror Camera and Controller, and requires a Nanoleaf RGB lighting device —such as Nanoleaf Shapes, Lines, and Essentials—to work. Enable Sync+ to extend lighting effects across 50+ Nanoleaf RGB devices.

- Ultra Vivid Screen Mirroring

- Versatile Camera Positioning

- Privacy Cover for Camera

- Use with TV Screens or Monitors

What's in the Box?

1x Screen Mirror Camera

1x Camera Mount

1x Magnetic Privacy Cover

1x Nanoleaf 4D Controller

1x Power Supply



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